Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring my pet in without an appointment?

    We strongly suggest you make an appointment to assure an appropriate time is spent with your pet. Call our Office Anytime for Emergencies (765 ) 289 – 9118.

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  • Do you Bill me for services done?

    No, Elective procedures are provided on a Cash/ Check / Credit Card basis and we do offer Care Credit – ( a credit card used only for medical cost ) You can apply in our Office or go to to apply.

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  • Do you offer Boarding and Grooming sevices?

    • Yes, We do have Boarding Services Mon – Fri 7am – 7pm.
    • We are Closed on Sunday so we do not have Sunday pick – up times.
    • Your pet will be let out to excercise 2 – 3 times daily.
    • You may bring their favorite toy.
    • Yes, We Have 2 Groomers here at Riverview Animal Hospital.
    • Grooming Services By Appointment Only.

    Note: Your Pet does have to be current on his or her vaccinations ( Dog ) Rabies, Dhpp, Bordetella ( Cat ) Rabies , Crp

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  • How can I make my pets visit less stressful?

    First make sure your dog is on a leash and your cat is secure in a carrier. Although your pet may do fine off leash, other pets get nervous. Second you could bring in your pets favorite treat and reward him or her for good behavior.

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  • Why Should My Pet have bloodwork done before going under Anesthesia?

    Performing Bloodwork before anesthesia will alert the Doctors to potential risk your pet may have in undergoing anesthesia. The Pre – Anesthesia Blood Screen shows Liver, Kidney Values, Glucose Levels etc.. If Bloodwork is abnormal , the procedure may need to be rescheduled and additional tests may be needed.

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  • Why should I Spay or Neuter my pet?

    • Spaying and Neutering your pet increases the pets chances for a longer healthier life.
    • Decreases population for unwanted Puppies and Kittens.
    • Will help Male Dogs from Roaming.
    • Decreases the chances of your pet developing possible cancer that may occur by not Having your pet spayed or neutered.

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  • What Should I do after my pet is Spayed or Neutered?

    Rest and restriction of activity are the primary post – operative care you should provide. Most dogs can resume normal activity five to ten days after surgery. Until then, leash walks , no running , climbing stairs , and lots of rest. Check your pets incision to be sure there is no redness or swelling once or twice daily.

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  • What is Heartworm Disease and How can I protect my Pet?

    Heartworm is transmitted by a mosquito bite that is passed through saliva. Once your pet is bitten by a carrier mosquito the larva is carried through the bloodstream to the Heart and lungs where they mature into Adult Heartworms. Having your pet on Heartguard Or Interceptor will prevent your pet From heartworm disease, and also prevents a number of intestinal parasites that your pet may come into contact with. It willl also prevent transmission to people and children.

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  • My Pet seems to have Fleas. What can I do?

    Successful flea control involves:

    • Eliminating fleas from your pet.
    • Controlling fleas in the enviornment Dogs and Cats share the same fleas. It is important that all pets in your home are on flea preventative monthly. Products sold through Riverview Animal Hospital ( Frontline Plus , Certifect , and Comfortis ) will prevent Fleas if used properly.

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